Whats Love Got to Do With It?


I was showing someone my art work recently, dyed and painted silks, art cards, prayer bundles, and she noticed there are a few hearts in some of my work and she asked what those hearts meant to me. “Love?” she asked? I said ”well, it’s not about romantic love it’s more about Love of Self, Love of Life, Love of something you feel passionate about.” We are taught that romantic love is the only love that can fill our hearts with joy and make us feel complete.

I’ve had people say, with a scorn, “hearts are over done” as if their hearts had been broken more than once. We’ve all had our hearts broken by the notion of romantic love and years later that broken relationship is still eating at our happiness and stealing our joy.

I encourage you to get out there and find something (not someone) that brings you joy, something you love doing. Maybe you don’t even know what that is yet, maybe you’ve like I was 30 years ago, looking for love in all the wrong places, working 24/7, not feeling much joy or happiness.

Start your research, step out of your box and explore...art, writing, bookbinding, painting, cooking, sewing, knitting, yoga, cycling, meditation, wine making.....I could continue but you get the idea. More today than ever, people and places are out there just waiting to share their joy with you, get out there and explore. I know it can be scary stepping out of the comfort zone of un-happiness but I’m here to tell you that’s where the healing, the fun and the joy are.

Romantic love is fleeting.
True love is everlasting.

I love my life....no it has not been easy, yes I’ve had my heart broken, my body broken, and my spirit broken more than once but I keep moving forward, questioning, learning, growing, finding the things that bring me joy and happiness, surrounding myself with people that are finding their own passions. I’m learning to love more truly and more deeply.

I love my family, we’ve learned that we are all different. We may have different beliefs, and we can still celebrate one another, champion one another and no matter what we stand by our family.

I love the creative process, it reconnects me to the joy and wonder of being a child. it’s not about being perfect its about exploring, being open, curious and having fun!

I love yoga, yoga changed my life, it helps slow down my mind, yoga teaches me how to stand strong, steady and stable in the midst of uncertainty and chaos. I love yoga.

I love spinning, indoor cycling teaches me about my power, how to increase my power and how to harness it and direct that power towards my higher good.

I love paper, some papers are so beautiful they send chills down my spine.

When I walk into a bead shop I’m literally giddy.

I love painting, silk, paper, canvas, rocks and found objects.

I love markers, I’m like crazy! for markers.

I love teaching.

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Curtis Johnson